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Empower Your Music Business with Royalty Administration

About Us

At Disengage, we collect the money your music is generating outside of your distributor. We specialize in the detailed work of music administration, empowering artists, labels, and publishers to focus on what they do best — creating inspiring music. With years of industry experience, our team is committed to precision and excellence in managing copyright, royalties, licensing, and more.

We understand that navigating the music industry’s legalities and logistics can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer tailored solutions designed to simplify the complex, ensuring your rights are protected and your revenues maximized. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with personal, hands-on service, making us a trusted partner in your creative journey.

Disengage from the complexities of the music industry and give yourself time to do more.

Why Choose Us

Collect More Money

There are so many different entities you have to sign up with to collect all of your money, don't waste the fees signing up and the time registering all of your works!

You Own Your Copyright

You keep full ownership of your copyright! We don't need it or want it. Keep control of your music.

Meta-Data Organization

You can not collect all the money you are due without your meta-data being organized and uploaded. Let us handle that for you!

No Sign Up Fee

We do not need you to pay us upfront to do our job. This means we only get paid when you get paid!

Sync Agents

We work with multiple synchronization agents and companies to make sure your music has a chance to be placed.